Sanderling Ventures

Founded in 1979, Sanderling is among the oldest investment firms dedicated to building new biomedical companies. Sanderling demonstrates that significant companies are best built in close working partnerships with entrepreneurs.

Sanderling’s unique approach combines a specialized investment focus with active management and long-term commitment to ensure the highest rates of return for both its entrepreneurs and investors.

Biomedical investing has been a viable sector in the technology markets for more than thirty years, and in the past ten years has experienced accelerated growth. Since its inception, Sanderling has supported over 90 biomedical companies from very early stage start-ups, through commercial development, earning consistently high rates of return on its venture investments.

Sanderling emphasizes early-stage financing and active management of its portfolio companies. Sanderling and its principals play an active role in new ventures by providing seed and early-stage funding, contributing management leadership and administrative support, developing cost-control strategies to extend available dollars, supplying technical and regulatory expertise where needed, and offering the insight and perspective of those who have “done it before.” The Partnership has sufficient capital to support the companies in later-stage financing, protecting its investments from excessive dilution.

As in any long-term investment vehicle, identifying ventures with strong potential and nurturing them today sows the seeds for tomorrow’s harvest. Following its own best instincts, talents, and strategy, Sanderling continues to bring significant new technologies to market, and achieve successful outcomes for both its portfolio companies and investors.