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Exploiting genome-wide screens and the principles of synthetic lethality and personalized medicine, the LTD’s goal is to generate the underlying knowledge about drugs and drug targets that identifies rational strategies for clinical proof-of-concept studies in oncology. This “Integrated Platform” attempts to generate the knowledge to predict rational drug-gene and drug-drug combinations, patient stratification, and biomarker strategies in support of the PoC study – all within the existing regulatory, clinical practice and limiting toxicology frameworks. Validation is provided using a variety of preclinical approaches, including the use of sophisticated genetically-engineered mouse models of cancer and human patient-derived xenograft models. Additionally, the LTD has access to an array of cell and molecular technologies, as well as numerous technical core facilities, to support its efforts elucidating drug and drug target mechanism of action.

Therillia Partnership

The LTD executes its mission in close collaboration with the drug development management team of Therillia, focusing on early stage drug candidates under development by the company. The partnership is also reflected by the close interactions that take place between Therillia, the LTD and the investor base that supports the drug candidates of interest.

Laboratory for Therapeutic Development Department of Biochemistry

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